PAC - Poly-aluminum-chloride

Ecarbtechnologies designs and constructs PAC 9 (high basicity) or PAC 18 solutions. The main plus of our technology is that all the process parameters and working procedures are settled down to provide a product with extraordinary qualities:

- White and clean

- Very high stability (over 6 months)

- Wide range of production formulas

- High basicity (up to 74%)

The plant is very compact and the production procedures are quick to better arrange working shifts.

The relevant reduction of batch time permits the achievement of higher capacity using more compact units, with limited investment cost. Compactness of plant lay out permits also to arrange skid mounted plants, with short construction time and strong reduction of local erection works. The automated process enables to reduce workload demand. The capacity of our plant is modular: the smaller unit has two production lines, for an overall capacity of 10.000 tons/y. There is no limit to the maximum plant capacity.