The sodium chloride and potassium chloride electro-chlorination is one of  the technologies that Ecarbtechnologies Srl can offer. The electrochlorination technology is able to produce (trough electrolysis) a diluted solution of sodium hypochlorite for several applications: water treatment, crop protection and other ones. The electrolysis can be fed by filtrated sea water or syntetic brine prepared in a proper section with demi water and sodium chloride. The typical concentration of sodium hypochlorite which is produced is 1,5-2 gr/lt, but, for specific applications, it is possible to produce even hypochlorite solution at higher concentrations. In case of sea water feed, the plant is equipped with a filtration stage; then, the filtrated brine is fed to the electrolyser(s) and the produced liquor is vented in order to remove the hydrogen and to be stocked in a proper section. The process can be equipped with electrolysers from different suppliers (conventional or tubular) even if it is under developing a proprietary technology that will significantly increase the electrolityc efficiency. Sodium hypochlorite weak solution (1,5-2,5 gr/lt) is produced from saline water electrolysis.

Some possible feeds are the sea water (which requires an additional filtration section) or a pure synthetic solution of NaCl and demi water. The hydrogen from the electrolyser is removed in a stripping unit. Pickling circuit for periodical cleaning is integrated into the plant. Proprietary electrolysers design inhibit losses of efficiency due to fouling. It is also available a very compact integrated system for ballast water treatment, which is based upon the electro-chlorination technology.