Hydrochloric acid synthesis

Ecarbtechnologies produces HCl synthesis unit  by consuming chlorine and hydrogen from cell room thanks to taylor-made Bluestar electrolysers.

We selected Ecarb design, which provides a long list of advantages: bottom burner technology preventing from dangerous fall of burner in case of breakage, mounted full automated turn-key skid units, “one button” logic, which ensures simplicity and fault-tolerant operation, ergonomic design (almost all operable commands are located at ground level, for comfortable and safe operation), native integration to cell rooms (all lines and devices needed for safe connection to cell rooms and auxiliary chloro-alkali sections are already embedded in the package).

The HCl synthesis unit follows the triple “Zero” philosophy:

- Zero emissions

- Zero electric power consumption, since no pump is necessary

- Zero chlorine residuals

Capacity range varies from 1 to 155 TPD (100% Cl2), while it is possible to achieve pure hydrochloric acid up to 37% concentration. In case of any specific process requirement, a secondary caustic scrubber can be installed. For larger capacity unit, it is possible to add a steam boiler to recover combustion heat and to provide free thermal energy.